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My research had told me that Gandolfo’s Dallaswas going to be a unique truck. This truck is actually a franchise of a group with many brick and mortar locations across the U.S.

I need to confess that my only experience with NY delis was many late night stops at Katz’s in Austin, so I wasn’t sure what deli food in broad daylight was going to be like. But there was no need to worry. Gandolfo’s Dallas has a very, very extensive menu, and this Texas girl was able to find several things of interest.

First up, the Brooklyn Bridge, a stuffed turkey sandwich on a hoagie roll.

Brooklyn Bridge sandwich from Gandolfo's New York DeliPhoto by Stephanie Hawkes

Brooklyn Bridge sandwich from Gandolfo’s New York Deli

Underneath that nice layer of turkey was tomatoes, lettuce, and bacon, filling a fresh, soft but still crusty roll. Sandwiches are available in half or whole size. The half was more than enough for me, but it was so good I was wishing I had the other half for dinner tonight. Gandolfo’s recently posted on their FB page that they have 30 varieties of sandwiches, so I will have plenty of opportunities to get a whole sandwich.

For some reason I think it’s the sides that really make a NY deli, you know, since I have so much experience with them. In the sides, Gandolfo’s Dallas did not disappoint. Look at this beautiful potato salad!

Big, soft chunks of potatoes, a light mayo dressing and bits of green onion. I’m normally a mustard-based potato salad kind of girl, but this mayo version was so light and had such a mixture of tastes that I really liked it!

Potato salad from Gandolfo's New York DeliPhoto by Stephanie Hawkes

Potato salad from Gandolfo’s New York Deli

Even this Texas girl knows that the quintessential New York dessert is the black and white cookie, so when one was offered, I had to try it.

I’m not sure why they call this a cookie; it reminded me more of a cake. The thick icing was the right balance to the not-as-sweet cookie/cake. These cookies were premade by Joey’s Fine Foods. Fine was a very appropriate description!

Gandolfo’s Dallas is more than a turkey sandwich truck, though. As I mentioned, they advertise that they have 30 variations of sandwiches. I’m not sure if this includes the Nathan’s hot dogs or for my non-meat eating friends, the vegetarian sandwiches or salads. No matter, there is something for everyone for lunch and dinner at Gandolfo’s New York Deli Dallas.

But, what really has me interested is the breakfast they offer. I can only imagine how happy my co-workers will be when I show up with a variety of fresh made bagels and kaiser sandwiches. THAT will be a whole separate post.

I look forward to many more trips to my local New York Deli, courtesy of Gandolfo’s Dallas.

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